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Workington is a market and industrial town situated on the west coast of Cumbria at the mouth of the River Derwent. Iron and steel manufacturing have always been part of Workington's heritage, and it was here that the famous Henry Bessemer first introduced his revolutionary steel making process. In recent years, with the decline of the steel and coal mining industries the town has diversified into other forms of industry. The town centre has recently been totally revamped and now has the usual department chain stores that can be found in most big towns and cities. An honest working town there is little historic sites but the Helena Thompson museum is worth a look for more information regarding the town. No shortage of accommodation here and with pubs, nightclubs, bars and restaurants aplenty there should be something to suit most. Workington also boasts 2 bicycle shops. The route starts at the Workington lighthouse and though not the choice of most as a starting point, it is becoming more popular offering a good alternative to Whitehaven due to its slightly easier and shorter route towards Keswick.

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